Originally I started off in online-communications and continued my way in classic advertising. Nowadays I create integrated ideas and campaigns, combining all the skills that I earned: Ideation, Brand Knowledge, Online & Offline Art Direction, Copywriting, Strategic Thinking and Creative Direction.

As a Creative Director and business person I combine international work experience for global brands with the ability to develop and guide big ideas throughout all media channels. The main objective in my work is to create added value for your brand and the people you talk to. I believe that unusual new ideas and experiences help people to positively relate and interact with your brand.

As a determined and hard-working person I am interested in everything that could spin off a new idea. This keeps me still curious after years in the business. My interests span from all kinds of music to gaming, architecture, technology, design, cinema, literature, theater, art and more. I love foreign cultures and to meet new people from different backgrounds to form something new and special together.

I am looking forward to meet you in person, so that we can talk about what I can do for you and your business.

PS: Probably you ask yourself why the last three tiles on my blog spell YES.
It is one of my mottos because it reflects a positive can-do attitude that we need to get amazing things done in this business. As it is often easier and risk-free to say NO to things, the YES should remind us to stay in a YES-state-of-mind. And reading it over and over again also influences you subliminally. Can you feel it already?


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